Enlightenment and Revolution

The Musical Vienna

The state of Austria was founded admist the Enlightenment. For Austria, Vienna was the center of the Enlightenment. One of it's most famous and earliest composer's is Mozart (shown below). Vienna was the center of what we would call today as classical music with such famous composers as Mozart and Beethoven. Mozart was a child prodigy that wrote many pieces but died young. Beethoven only published a few but world-reknowned pieces and conducted them while having hearing problems and eventually becoming deaf.  Vienna was home to many famed symphonies that attracted many people who were musical at heart.  In fact, Beethoven's famous 9th symphony premiered in Vienna in 1824.  But Austria-Hungary wasn't just all about music during the Enlightenment.  Another famous person in Austria-Hungary during the enlightenment was John Comenius.  He was a Czech education and social reformer.